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Hi-Lo and Lo-Lo beds have the potential to make life easier for the user and a carer.

It can be extremely difficult to lift out of a standard bed,  so a Hi-Lo bed allows you the user to lift the bed to a comfortable and safe height.  It also enables the carer to lift the bed to a comfortable height to care for the resident or patient without hurting their back. 

Lo-Lo beds are especially designed for people at risk of falling out of bed.  The bed can be lowered to almost floor height, so that if a fall does occur, there is minimal risk of injury.

NDIS and My Aged Care

We are NDIS Registered to call or email us to discuss how we can process orders through funding.

Due to the nature of our products, it is difficult to calculate the best shipping costs to your area. We don’t want to overestimate the costs, so let us know what you’d like and we’ll find the best and safest method of shipping directly to you

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