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Why are these lounges different to what you'll find in stores?  These have been especially designed for ease of standing up, out of the chair.

The seats are slightly higher than your standard lounge and most of them have arms, which allow you to push up on them while you stand up. 

In general, chairs with a seat height of 480-500mm are classed a little higher.

We have snuck a few extra chairs in, that don't have high seats and / or arms, just because we love them and they still look and feel amazing.

We have added in some of our popular coffee tables and other items so you can complete your look. If you choose a coffee table with a height of 550-600mm it will sit very close to the height of the chair arm, allowing you to slide your coffee over, without having to lean down.

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  • Hannah 2 Seater Wing Back - Australian Made
    Hannah 2 Seater Wing Back - Australian Made
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